Frequently Asked Questions

Can the IFT program be completed on a voluntary basis or by court appointment only?

Typically, our team seeks an appointment order from the Judge for the IFT program. However, we have received private inquiries and welcome those families seeking to prevent increased conflict and wish to stabilize their family prior to further litigation.

Does IFT need to be ordered by the judge in addition to the appointment of a Therapeutic Interventionist (TI)?

This depends on the needs of the family. Generally speaking, the IFT program takes the place of a TI appointment or sometimes follows the TI process if TI was unsuccessful in some way or there were additional needs of the family. You may wish to discuss issues such as this with attorneys or address the possibility of the IFT program within the Court.

What is needed for a family to participate in IFT?

If you wish for your family to participate in IFT and you and the other parent in your case have attorneys, you can have your attorneys contact our office. You can also request with the Court that IFT be appointed and we will begin our process. At the start of our process, we request consent forms and background documents be submitted to our office. Once documents are received in our office, we may request additional records or collateral phone calls with other providers who may have been involved with your family. Our IFT team would schedule intake appointments with both parents and the children, all done separately. After intake appointments are completed, a preliminary report with treatment goals that have been identified are submitted to the Court and parties or their counsel. After treatment goals are identified, in some cases, individual therapy sessions prior to the intensive week are requested to help prepare some or all family members for the intensive family transformation week. Finally, the parents are offered 2 separate weeks for possible scheduling of the IFT program week and one week is chosen with which the family participates in the IFT program for about 3-4 hours each day for 1-2 weeks depending on the treatment needs of the family.Following the IFT program, a final report is submitted to the Court with an update on progress and an outline of continued needs for treatment.

What is the retainer and approximate costs for IFT?

The retainer for the IFT program is $12,000. This includes the fees associates only with the IFT program week and does not include any additional pre-intensive therapy appointments needed. The initial appointments are to be paid separate from the retainer.

Are additional family members included in IFT, such as new spouses, step-children, adult children?

Our IFT team recognizes the changing dynamics of families post-separation or divorce and as needed additional family members are included in treatment sessions. This can facilitate boundaries and stabilization within the co-parenting dynamics as well as adjustment periods as families expand.